Hunting is our main focus at Kingston Downs Plantation. We primarily focus on Upland Hunting, including Pheasant and Quail, but we also have other game, including Turkey and Deer. We work year-round to ensure plentiful hunts and good times for our guests. Please feel free to contact us about hunting. For more information about hunting in Georgia click here.


The Etowah River surrounds our property on three sides. It is a relatively shallow river, perfect for fly fishing. The river contains many striped bass, largemouth bass, and crappie, as well as sturgeon,  catfish, and other species in smaller amounts. Click here for more information about fishing the Lower Etowah River.

Events & Weddings

We have hosted a variety of weddings, corporate excursions, and festivals as Kingston Downs is a vast and diverse piece of property with existing and versatile infrastructure. Getting in and out is very easy and we are partnered with a variety of caterers and event companies.