Georgia Bobwhite Quail

Georgia has long been a destination for Quail Hunting and Kingston Downs is committed to ensuring that Bobwhite Quail populations continue to grow. After a decline in Georgia’s population for over 100 years, the Bobwhite Quail Iniative (BQI) has dedicated itself to growing quail population and preserving the species for future generations.

Bobwhite quail are indigenous to most of the Eastern United States and are especially prevalent in Georgia. Kingston Downs is the perfect habitat for this species of upland game bird. With hedgerows, patches of small bush, and plenty of grub, our populations thrive and flourish, providing an excellent hunt and a great experience.

Pheasant Hunting in Georgia

The Common Pheasant is hunted throughout the world. Although not native to North America, pheasant hunting has become prevalent and is hunted in most of the US.

Here at Kingston Downs, we have a managed population, experienced guides, and well-trained dogs for your convenience and enjoyment.